Benefits for Farmers

Whites Recycling Ltd is a skilled company in transporting and recycling organic by-products to agricultural land. All elements of our operations have to comply with the recently amended Waste Management Licensing Regulations, which is administered by the Environment Agency. tractor.jpg We employ an in-house agronomist to oversee all registrations and remain in regular contact with the Environment Agency to ensure smooth running. In addition, we employ several Farm/Field Liaison personnel all of which have a comprehensive farming background and are well acquainted with the local farming community.

Whites Recycling’s operations can, and have proved extremely beneficial to farmers, potentially eliminating the cost of fertiliser and providing an environmental benefit by reducing the amount of material taken for industrial treatment. These organic wastes, suitable for injection, are broken down in the soil to give the plants nutrients, in the same way as fertiliser. This method of recycling waste to land is both economical and sustainable for the farmer and the environment.

In summary the benefits of recycling to agricultural land are;

  • It is cost effective both for the customer i.e. they do not have to pay high treatment costs, and for the farmer, i.e. reduces the cost of fertiliser.
  • The waste is recycled, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with treatment and landfill.
  • Whites Recycling provide a full audit trail documenting type of waste applied to the land, the quantity, and the date. This is provided for all fields. In addition, from data obtained at point of analysis, we are able to inform farmers of the nutrient content applied to his land.
  • Many of the waste streams are nutrient rich
  • Material can be applied either via low level surface spreading, deep leg injection or shallow tine injection. The method of application is normally discussed between the farmer, our agronomist and where necessary the Environment Agency. The method of application will often depend on the nature of the land and material, but will often be at the preference of the farmer himself, i.e. injection can provide nutrient delivery direct to the root, and also aerate the soil therefore maybe favourable.

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